Free Keyword Rank Checker & SERP Checker

Free Keyword Rank Checker & SERP Checker

International keyword rankings
Check keyword rankings positions in Google or Yahoo from over 100 country and language combinations. Our free rank checker can lookup rankings in dozens of countries. Use it to spot check keyword rankings anytime.

Mobile keyword rankings
Select mobile or desktop rankings. If mobile is selected, we'll also highlight if Google is showing the "Mobile-friendly" tag next to a URL.

Local keyword rank checker
See rankings from specific cities or zip codes. Check one keyword in a hundred different cities.

SERP checker
This tool will return the top 250 SERP results for any given keyword if the site field is left blank. That way you can see what sites rank in the top 250 for any SERP.

Free SEO Tools by SERPs
Free Keyword Rank Checker
Spot check global and local rankings.
Finally a simple keyword rank checker that works.
Easily check keywords in any country or location in Google or Yahoo. See where your site ranks through the top 250 positions.

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Free Keyword Research Tool
A free, blazing fast tool for keyword research.
Get keyword ideas fast and free in one spot. More robust than Ubersuggest or, but with CPC and volume estimates for each suggestion.
Research thousands, even hundreds of thousands of keywords instantly.

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Favorite Free SEO Tools from around the Web
The great thing about the SEO industry is how many great free tools exist around the web. These are some of my favorites from around the web, and ones that I use on a weekly basis.

Rich Snippets / Schema Markup Tools
Rich Snippets Testing Tool
Check if your authorship markup is correct. Works for all structured data types now (Reviews, Places, Offers, Events, etc)
Microdata Generator
Great little tool for generating tags for a local business. Just fill out a few forms and copy/paste the HTML.

Site Speed Tools
My favorite feature here is the ability to watch a video of the test to get a real sense of what a new visitors sees.
PageSpeed Insights
Google's pagespeed tool gives a 1-100 score of any URL on the web and suggestions of how to improve page load time.
Similar suggestions to the others, but has great help tooltips on what each recommendation means. Great interface. Also does a nice video playback, as well as mobile video playback.

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